What are you really looking for?

In this age of technology and mobile phones we are spoilt for choice as to where we can paste ourselves ever looking for a special person or plainly to get our baser ends met.

Not everyone gets to do it or needs it, but for those of us who are seeking, you probably have found yourself, armed with your smart device, having just downloaded and installed an app that would let you broadcast your every taboo sexual want and desire or your wish to meet that special someone with whom they could be realized.

From the outset, you are accosted by images of unknown faces, torsos, manly shapes perfect looking and not so perfect looking.
Then come messages at different times of the day and night if one is connected to the network.
Messages can something like this:
“Hey Mr nice pics”
“How’s you?”
“What you into?”
“Any cock pics?”
“Have you a face pic?”
“What U at?”
“Fancy a quickie?” Etc.

Then, you do have some who feel for some reason or another that they do not cut it with the perfect people and find that they will only per chance get to meet someone bug only briefly because what they have to offer is somehow below standard. They don’t look the part.
Too short, too thin,  too fat,  too tall, their faces not fitting an Adonis mould that is imagined by everyone.

What are men looking for?

Why are men seeking for someone like them, something that feeds their ego,  some sort of experience that they feel will make them whole, when all they get is wanting more,  never being satisfied?

The one thing that happens is that when all is said and done, one is left with a lingering emptiness and one’s image is tarnished or destroyed.

What are you really looking for is the question?